Red Revolver evolves around art & guerrilla advertising inspired by public charity.


The Red Revolver venture plan gets attention! Red Revolver has been selected for the final of the Talentfabriek (Talentfactory), a competition set up by the city of Amsterdam, in cooperation with I Amsterdam and partners, in order to launch creative new born globals.

What is it Red Revolver actually does?

You can consider Red Revolver an artservice. We are developing and producing artistic concepts and communications for commercial, governmental and public charity organisations. We are realising all our projects in cooperation with highly acclaimed Dutch Artists and freelance professionals.

What’s happening?

Greenpeace International

In cooperation with Thijs Rijnsburger (from The HorseMove Project Space) Red Revolver worked on the European Energy Revolution campaign. Red Revolver and Thijs Rijnsburger worked as creative consultants for Greenpeace creating a unique guerrilla advertising campaign. Greenpeace Netherlands was very interested in the plans and forwarded the ideas to Greenpeace International which presented them in London. At the moment the projects are in the process of realisation in Greece, England, Italy and Germany.

NS (Dutch Railway Organization)

At the moment Red Revolver is trying to realize an idea of architect/ artist Wouter Hermanns to create so called personal spaces in the public space. Wouter designed a sculpture where people can meet strangers. You can walk, sit and relax inside the sculpture for a while and have a small conversation. Openness and respect towards everybody you meet there are the keywords here. We want to link this project to a human right organization, so the sculptures are also places to collect money and provide information about the public charity organization.


Red Revolver is involved in the FOAM_lab, a taskforce of young professionals to make FOAM, Amsterdam’s Photo Museum, even more attractive for young people interested in art. The taskforce is busy experimenting with new ways to define a museum. In exchange FOAM arranged masterclasses of Eric Kessels, Erwin Olaf, Pjötr de Jong and lots more.


Red Revolver is busy experimenting with new ways to bring art to the public. Red Revolver is pitching a plan at Faster Media with the goal of creating art cabs. Artists get the chance to show one of their designs, inspired by a non-profit organizations, to the dutch public. These cabs will be driving art-projects. More news soon.

Hotel Neutraal

This hotel at the Dam-square in Amsterdam asked Red Revolver to come up with an artistic design to renew their image. In cooperation with interior designers Red Revolver came up with the idea to style the Hotel completely in Mondriaan-style. We are now in the process of realisation.

Roundabout adoption

Red Revolver was asked by Jansen Optiek, a highly qualified optician by the name of Willem-Jan Jansen, to decorate a roundabout he had adopted. The roundabout-adoption was an initiative of the city of Zoetermeer. This project is being realized at the moment.

Public space artists collective 7TON

Red Revolver is a member of the artist collective 7TON. The mission of 7Ton is to lend industrial objects which serve for a couple of weeks as a sculpture in the public space. 7TON took two huge windmills and placed it in Beetsterzwaag in the province of Friesland.
The project was initiated by the Artists
Lucia Luptáková and Wouter Klein Velderman.


Art as social cement. Kunstfactor (artfactor) is a project of the Dutch ministry of culture to give amateur art a chance. Keywords are talent development, art education and public space. Last week we pitched our ideas at their head office in Utrecht. Kunstfactor is still deciding on how they are going to operate, so we are hoping to work with them in the near future.